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Week 3

Alright, now that the majority of us are done with our annual beat downs of the FBS its time for the real season to start. Montana vs. NDSU EWU vs Montana State UNI vs NoCo JMU vs Nova UNH vs Richmond Wofford GWU going to learn a lot about several teams around FCS this weekend.


The doldrums/silly season/man I hate baseball

Alright football fans well basketball season is over so fortunetly that means one thing SPRING. Which only applies to those living in the south or on the coasts because Winter has decided to go straight to summer(no joke here in iowa its supposed to be 40 degrees today and seventy five on saturday) anywho what to write about, I think the biggest thing is the new “playoff” system in FBS and moving up to FBS. Because I feel more for the latter topic I will start there, whats with all the movment up, do you really think you are going to make more money at that level then you are now? okay, you are going to get more for FBS games, but playing in half-empty stadiums for all of your other games while at the end of the season your hope is to play in abowl game that no one cares about. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around that. Tying into that FBS you guys have successful marginalized your “playoff” system you didn’t want to get rid of the bowls your cash cows, but by having the lamest name ever you have reduced it even further escpecaillyw ith your archaic lock-out requesrments denying equal access to the “other conferences” Whatever. When is football season here, I’d rather complain about how this happened, or rankings as opposed to this stuff.