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Closing of the Gap?

Is it or Isn’t it? Is the FCS closing the gap to what is essentially the bottom half of the BCS. One could argue with the recent “upsets” of BCS teams by FCS teams that yes the gap is closing, however this blogs feelings are such that while the gap is closing in fact it is actually spreading, as the “elite” teams of the conferences are getting further away with their lavish facilities, expensive coaches and the like. While your Iowa States, UConns, and South Florida’s are just trying to fill their stadiums. Yes we are beating BCS teams but they again are those bottom dwellers in the conference, Not trying to take away from the wins, but when one of these teams goes undefeated I will be more impressed then what I am now, because honestly I would have been DISAPPOINTED if UNI hadn’t beaten ISU, I would imagine that most of those team’s fans would have been the same way, hence is it really an upset if you feel you should win. I digress, football season has come all is right with the world.


Round 3 Predicts(the ecclescestic eight)

Ok boys and girls I was a grand total of 7-1(damn you cal poly) last week we are now in the quarter finals. I will post these with less than three hours before games start to hoepfully spur some conversation. Here are my predicts:
Montana State over Sam Houston State
Georgia Southern over Old Dominion(going with my heart over my head)
NDSU over Wofford-REMEMBER boys and girls you must KNEEL in the end zone to down the ball.
Illinois State over EWU-MVFC homer pick


the chronicles of the unmentioned…

CS Weekly Update: Issue #6

It’s been another two weeks since the last update and what a wonderful two weeks it has been.  You may be asking why I didn’t do the CS Weekly Update last week (honestly I’m surprised no one asked about it).  The reasoning is that I honestly wasn’t feeling all that great on Friday after my Thursday night shenanigans!

I’m going to start off this week with a summary of what happened the last two weeks not pointing to any threads but mentioning things that happened so you can go find them yourselves!  A lot of pre-season polls were released for the FCS, giving conversational topics to every fan trying to justify why their team should be ranked, or ranked higher.   There really is no way of knowing how the season will be until we see a couple games so they are quite amusing to follow.  AGS transfered servers and the new owner has taken full control.   LSAs have returned so the unmentioned can be happy, Willie has seen a lot of animals and a Tigers pitcher got screwed but lived to tell about it in a very classy way.

Now for the featured posts of the week that I will discuss it GREAT detail…

Our friend AZGrizFan played golf with a former Griz Football player yesterday.  I’m assuming that he really means golf and not some other form of whacking balls around so I am going to give him the benefit of doubt.  Hope you had fun, got some great stories and learned the insight of the new Montana head coach.  This thread also turned into a namedropping game of who has done what with whom, quite interesting if you ask me.  I did not participate in this as I didn’t want to put everyone else to shame.

Those Eastern Washington fans are up to their hopes and dream shenanigans again as witnessed in this thread.  Most of you probably don’t think anything of these types of threads because they arrive every summer to only disappear into the great darkness known as page 137.  It is quite the funny read though, seeing all the predictions that those EWU fans have.  I say bring it, and I’ll be there in person to take pictures of you taking pictures of the Griz fans celebrating yet another win in Washington’s Grizzly Stadium.

A local moderator had his eyes opened to some interesting ways of life in his drive through northern Idaho last weekend.  He was upset and rightfully so.  This created some very interesting points as to who deserves what, what is free speach, and what people have the right to do, etc.  It is a somewhat controversial topic but thought it was worth a mention… after all, Mr.T is trying to ban people once again… this time off the forums.

I asked a question last week about what people’s dream job was and what was preventing them from going after it.  Some said they already had it, some had dream jobs that were so far out there and other were on their way.  If you missed this topic, check it out and tell us your dream job. This is something I have really been focusing on lately… following my dreams and making them a reality.  Note: this was way to serious of a topic to include in this recap but what the hell… ummm… I love Bacon?

Thanks for reading yet another CS Weekly Update and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, especially the… unmentioned.  I am driving to Lake Chelan, WA for a bachelor party weekend so if I end up in jail, dead or lost… send the search party!

This has been your CS Weekly Update, Enjoy!