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CS Weekly Update: Issue #6

It’s been another two weeks since the last update and what a wonderful two weeks it has been.  You may be asking why I didn’t do the CS Weekly Update last week (honestly I’m surprised no one asked about it).  The reasoning is that I honestly wasn’t feeling all that great on Friday after my Thursday night shenanigans!

I’m going to start off this week with a summary of what happened the last two weeks not pointing to any threads but mentioning things that happened so you can go find them yourselves!  A lot of pre-season polls were released for the FCS, giving conversational topics to every fan trying to justify why their team should be ranked, or ranked higher.   There really is no way of knowing how the season will be until we see a couple games so they are quite amusing to follow.  AGS transfered servers and the new owner has taken full control.   LSAs have returned so the unmentioned can be happy, Willie has seen a lot of animals and a Tigers pitcher got screwed but lived to tell about it in a very classy way.

Now for the featured posts of the week that I will discuss it GREAT detail…

Our friend AZGrizFan played golf with a former Griz Football player yesterday.  I’m assuming that he really means golf and not some other form of whacking balls around so I am going to give him the benefit of doubt.  Hope you had fun, got some great stories and learned the insight of the new Montana head coach.  This thread also turned into a namedropping game of who has done what with whom, quite interesting if you ask me.  I did not participate in this as I didn’t want to put everyone else to shame.

Those Eastern Washington fans are up to their hopes and dream shenanigans again as witnessed in this thread.  Most of you probably don’t think anything of these types of threads because they arrive every summer to only disappear into the great darkness known as page 137.  It is quite the funny read though, seeing all the predictions that those EWU fans have.  I say bring it, and I’ll be there in person to take pictures of you taking pictures of the Griz fans celebrating yet another win in Washington’s Grizzly Stadium.

A local moderator had his eyes opened to some interesting ways of life in his drive through northern Idaho last weekend.  He was upset and rightfully so.  This created some very interesting points as to who deserves what, what is free speach, and what people have the right to do, etc.  It is a somewhat controversial topic but thought it was worth a mention… after all, Mr.T is trying to ban people once again… this time off the forums.

I asked a question last week about what people’s dream job was and what was preventing them from going after it.  Some said they already had it, some had dream jobs that were so far out there and other were on their way.  If you missed this topic, check it out and tell us your dream job. This is something I have really been focusing on lately… following my dreams and making them a reality.  Note: this was way to serious of a topic to include in this recap but what the hell… ummm… I love Bacon?

Thanks for reading yet another CS Weekly Update and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, especially the… unmentioned.  I am driving to Lake Chelan, WA for a bachelor party weekend so if I end up in jail, dead or lost… send the search party!

This has been your CS Weekly Update, Enjoy!


Blank, WAC, D1B, Drinking, GoHens, TV

CS Weekly Update: Issue #5

It’s been three long weeks since the last update due to me being “away” from the computer in Beautiful Kauai.  It was an amazing trip full of wonderful memories, activities and scenery.  Snorkeling with sharks and turtles, boogie boarding nice waves, eating amazing food, and kayaking up rivers to secret waterfalls.  It was a very nice getaway and break from the daily grind, but now I am back!  I was a little saddened by the lack of people that missed me though, I guess I should have said I was retiring rather than going on vacation.

This recap is actually going to contain 3 topics from the football forum which is a new record, the second record set this week!  First of all, we hit a new all time users online at once record yesterday!  It was previously broken the day before so this has been a good week for CS. The first football forum topic is amazing in itself.  It’s entitled “Blank” and goes on for three pages (as of now) of exciting football conversations.  You should definitely check it out, you’ll thank me later… trust me!

The WAC has been a popular topic this week with the possibility of a new member joining the conference.  Is it Montana, “Cow Poly”, Sac State?  Who knows, but there are lots of opinions on who should/shouldn’t go and whether or not Boise will even leave the WAC to go the the MWC.  Have an opinion?  Throw it out there, you can’t be wrong… but I’m sure there are a few people out there that will tell you that you are.

Although this next bit of information didn’t happen this week, it is/was a very shocking piece of news upon my return to the main land. D1B has officially retired.  This comes with a feeling of sad joy.  What is sad joy you ask?  Think about, read posts on D1B and report back to me. [Edit: He has un-retired]. [Edit: He has officially retired again]. [Edit: He has unofficially un-retired once again]. [Edit: he has retired for 38 minutes]. [Edit: he’s back and in a non retired fashion].

Something I just wanted to point out that is a pretty cool and interesting tidbit is that the Official Drinking Thread hit its two year anniversary recently and is still going strong.  It’s a great read and participatory topic.  Football, Drinking and Girls… wow, if this site isn’t an exact image of a man’s brain I don’t know what is.

In another sad situation, a fellow FCS message board has been suspended indefinitely due to childish behavior of its members.  I’m glad that the sites I run don’t have childish members, that would be a pain to deal with.  I couldn’t imagine having to deal with those types of people, always criticizing the way you do things, attacking other members and overall just not happy with anything.  I hope that site returns valiantly but I do have an offer to make.  I will take control of the site and run it to return the sanity of previous admins.  I have a knack for this sort of thing and would be happy to take over if you feel that would be a better solution.  PM me if you are interested.  Hens Fans, if you like this idea, start spreading the word.

The last topic for this weekly recap is about TV Lineups and Reality TV shows.  Lets think about this for a second…  On THIS website, we are talking about Fall Network Lineups and Reality TV Shows, started by UNHWildCats and dbackjon respectively. Hmmmm, coincidence…. maybe, shocking… not really, a reality… most likely.  If anyone had any doubt about anything, you don’t anymore… I’m just sayin… wink wink.  In all seriousness though, we as a community thank you both for your contributions, and I honestly mean that!  We need topics other than the ones discussed in paragraph five above to even out… umm… yeah.  I’ll just leave it at that.

[edit: LSAs still don’t work Ursus]

Thanks for reading yet another CS Weekly Update and I hope you all have a most enjoyable weekend.

This has been your CS Weekly Update, Enjoy!


Religion, Griz Envy, the Double Down, a Triumphant Return and a New Sprout

CS Weekly Update: Issue #4

It’s Friday once again and this Friday is a special one as I went undercover to report on the infamous Friday Lunches in Missoula.  I heard through the grapevine of this super secret lunch that happens every Friday at undisclosed locations around Missoula.  I did some digging and found out the location of todays event and made an appearance.  Poor ol’ guy Grizo didn’t even realize it was me until he told me the same thing at least three times.  Was a great lunch though and I did hear rumors of next weeks location so if you want the inside scoop, just send me a PM.

Now for the weekly recap… It all starts with D1B once again self proclaiming himself as the religious guru of CS, which is all fine and dandy because I don’t believe anyone on here gives a #$%& about any of that stuff so carry on my friend.  I am starting to wonder if this new found religion is due to the non retirement threats that used to fill the void in your lonely Friday afternoons? This will be the shortest paragraph in CS Weekly Update History so congrats D1B for holding that title.

Screamin_Eagle174 also had a very self proclaimed week patting himself on the back for “blazing past” 2500 posts… but that did give him the first ever douche bag of the week award so congrats to you.  A fellow EWU fan had a major case of Griz Envy (see being a fan of a shitty team so you bash the fans of the good team to try and make yourself feel better) and posted a pic from 2005 (the last time EWU beat the Griz).

So that concludes the users that are trying to put themselves in the national spotlight.  Oh No… I just realized I robbed D1B of his shortest paragraph award… sorry man, maybe next time.  SE and your fellow EWU fan claimed the SP of the week award in addition to your  DB of the week award.  Congrats to you (both).

The KFC Double Down sandwich (or is it?) was a HUGE hit this week, causing controversy among the bread lovers and health nuts around the globe. andy7171 is intrigued but doesn’t feel as if he could stop eating once he started. GATW is not willing to betray bread therefore will not eat a sammy without it, and many other users talking about wanting one for each meal and some even talking about having multiples in one meal.  We also got into how andy7171’s wife pretty much owns his “soul” and will not allow grape jelly in the house.  I recommend this read, heck, go to KFC and grab one, nestle up to your favorite computer or iPad and write a review on this topic as you eat the thing cause as it has been reported that the grease will not transfer to your typing device, which is very handy IMO.

We had a triumphant return of a member that has been MIA for quite some time, even reports of no longer being alive.  He has risen once again, hacking his way around the firewall so hopefully he can stay longer this time as his contributions were missed greatly… I think… were they?  What the hell did he even contribute?  Oh well, welcome back lizrdgizrd.  Oh that’s right, a good avatar.  Now Rob Iola doesn’t have to dig into the archives to stare at it as it will most likely be on more recent and frequent threads.

We also welcome a new member to the site that is making quite an impression so far (even though her secret identity was revealed on the first reply of her very first post.  We welcome you and hope to have many great conversations in the future.  We also like the idea of having more women on the forums, so thanks for joining.  Rumor has it, you have some very good information and insight on the Griz Football program which is a rarity these days.  I hope you decide to share your inside information and everything for us non connected people.

Some site updates occurred this week (no LSAs are not working yet) and (yes I am still working on them, waiting for some assistance from a web developer). Facebook has been further integrated into the site giving you the ability to “like” any blog post (such as this one) or any forum topic.  The like feature then shows how many users “liked” the thread giving them an idea of how popular their topic may have been, similar to the karma idea but a little different.  This will then let other users know what posts are shared/liked the most and bring more attention to them.  So, if you are reading something you are a fan of, please click the like button and share your laughter and knowledge.  CS has also gone mobile! On any pda type mobile device (iPhone, Blackberry, Droid) you can download a Mobile App and view the forums using the mobile technology which is VERY slick. I highly encourage anyone to give it a try.

The other OTW awards from last week are recapped here in a GREAT write up done by Ursus (takes notes Grizo).  Other news, I will be gone from the forums starting the evening of Tuesday May 4th for 8 days as I will be in Beautiful Kauai, Hawaii soaking up the sun!  This also means no weekly update next week! I know I am missing something… hmmmm… what was it…. Oh yeah… Poor ol’ guy Grizo still isn’t funny (you can’t bribe me even if you did make a montage screen saver of all my avatar pics).

This has been your CS Weekly Update, Enjoy!


Draft Prospects, Great Weekends, Bachelor Parties, and some advice

CS Weekly Update: Issue #3

Wow, time sure flies as it seems like I just wrote last weeks column.  This week has been a very busy week and once again I didn’t get to fixing the LSAs, sorry Ursus (check). I celebrated my 28th birthday, went camping and fishing and had all sorts of fun… wait… this article isn’t about me, ok… back on track.

Yesterday marked the beginning of the 2010 NFL Football draft and as always, it’s kind of exciting to see some FCS players that we have watched grow through their college careers make it to the next level.  Here is a great thread on FCS Prospects and some great conversations as well.  Did any of your FCS Players get drafted? (yes, that is a question and you can answer it by commenting on this article). This was about the only “worthwhile” subject on football this week so I am going to skip right into the important issues.

Our good friend AZGrizFan had an amazing weekend with the Goddess [insert picture here from sod party at ElbowRoom in Missoula, Montana during the Lumberjack Challenge in 2008].  They went to L.A. for their anniversary and saw the Eagles live in concert, had some great food, uber quickies, and spent some time with some “famous” people.  We were all quite jealous of your weekend so hats off to you “the most interesting man of the weekend”.

Our boy Mr. danefan is trying to plan a bachelor party and what better place to ask for advice than CS, home of many BFLs, aka bachelors for life.  I’m sure if this party included the likes of D1B, capt’n, appaholic, dback, and UNH it would be quite the party.  Dane is wanting the party to be at a beach type scene away from gambling (props to your for following your boys wishes).  The only issue I see is that it is on the east coast which knocks down the quality of the party a few notches (WCB).  Check out the thread, gets some laughs, reminisce on the memories of past parties and maybe offer some advice.  Either way, it appears its on track for a good time.

Another interesting topic this week was SunCoastBlueHen asking for advice from the “sages” which makes it interesting in itself, the fact that he thinks this place contains sages, but I won’t get on the subject of SCBH being higher than appa in the 80’s while standing at the highest point on the east coast. SCBH has a daddy day care issue where mr. daddy of another daughter is making “indirect” moves on Mrs. SCBH disguising it as “kid play time”.  Although members of CS may not be sages, there is some pretty darn good advice given in this thread, mainly kicking the guy to the curb and claiming Mrs. SCBH once again.  Go get em Hen! [Advertisement] Have you been through this type of situation?  Are you caught in a daddy day care love triangle?  Please call the Jerry Springer Show today! [end Advertisement].

A recap of the POW (Posters of the Week): “That ODU guy” also known as Trip, or Co Co Co or ∞∞∞ won the Humorous (or as grizo put it funny) poster of the week award.  The political poster of the week award wasn’t even worth mentioning since only 5 votes were submitted but OL FU won 3 to 2.  Ursus claims the Homo of the week award by a landslide so congrats!  Look for a better managed POW next week as Ursus has taken the reigns.  Maybe we should make this an official thing… hmmmm.

In other news… Grizo (check) was OWNED by a waitress from Pfalls in Missoula, Montana and clenz was outed as a true “Iowegen” but we all still know… IOWA ROCKS.

This has been your CS Weekly Update!  Enjoy!


Rule Changes, UD, Iowa, Facebook and LSAs

CS Weekly Update: Issue #2

This has been another very busy week with lots of controversy on many differing subjects and I will  summarize a few of them below.

On Thursday the NCAA adopted three new rules. 1) players are not allowed to have any symbols or messages on their eye black starting in the 2010 season.  2) wedge-blocking formations of three or more players by the receiving team on kickoffs has been banned for the 2010 season and 3) players will now be penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct as a live-ball foul beginning with the 2011 season. These new rules come with both approval and protests from users across the country.  The most debated rule would be #2 as to what is acceptable taunting and celebration.  Many don’t believe that refs have the ability to make proper judgement… unless of course the penalty is on the opposing team, or any team in the CAA for that matter. WCB

In other news, the NCAA denied Deaware’s TE Josh Baker a 6th year of eligibility.  He was injured in the first quarter of the first game in the 2009 season which ended his season and now it is apparent that it also ended his college career.  My question to you all is… how many fricking years does it take for a CAA football player to graduate?  6 Years?  Really?  All kidding aside (no offense to you Mr. Baker) this just shows that the NCAA is starting to sway to the west. WCB

Iowa… what can I say about Iowa?  Actually, what can’t I saw about Iowa.  Iowa has been the most discussed topic as of late and I am starting to learn just how bad ass that state is.  I mean they have flying fireballs, hailstorms that could take out a small country (excluding Iowa), a sub par football team and don’t forget the Austin Powers missile silo with attached pig trough.  They even have a “mature discussion” thread on the subject, which happens to be the only official mature topic on this entire site.  I’m sure it is soon to be hijacked by a JMU poster soon, oh wait… it was started by one, $#%&.  The only thing Iowa doesn’t have is Willie, and he is one bad ass MoFo.

Facebook rarily makes it to CS (most users on this site can’t figure it out) but when it does, it can be quite the interesting conversational topic.  This weeks facebook topic was asking whether or not andy7171 should add one of his lacrosse players’s mom on facebook and stalk her.  This turned into many demands for pictures which then brought out more facebook mommies from Towson and was quite a treat for all. It was like a trip down memory lane for the 2 people that know where Towson is.  We did get to see a picture of what she looked looked like in the 80’s but have yet to see a recent one so the judgement is still out. andy7171 did end up adding her, which makes his brother andysbrother7070 very happy as he can now…

The last but not least and hugely debated and overly controversial topic is LSAs.  You might be asking what the heck LSAs are?  Well, LSAs are Left Side Avatars (AKA Left Side Profiles) on the topic pages.  It seems that a few (Ursus, dback and DJH, not to name names) can’t seem to grasp the concept of having the information on the left with the pictures on the right.  As of right now, LSAs do not work but we are hard at work *cough* (camping, drinking, fishing, partying) *cough* trying to get these things fixed so please be patient.  If you don’t give a rats ass which side the avatars are on then please ignore this topic and continue on.

This just in, Alpha has a best friend (no homo… or is it?)

This has been your CS Weekly Update!  Enjoy!


Easter Sunrises, UND, Armanti, Tiger and the best haircut ever

CS Weekly Update: Issue #1

This is the very first installment of what I would like to call the CS Week in Review (CS Weekly Update). I will recap the events of past week on the forums in no particular order, topic or member. This has been a very busy week so here goes nuttin!

I will start off with the discussion topic about Easter Sunrises which lasted for about 3 posts yet the topic has 65 posts at the time of this article. Appaholic posted some very nice photos of the sunrise on Easter morning and was possibly looking for some praise to either a) his photo taking abilities, b) that he has a church in his front yard or c) he is indirectly looking for a landscaper to remove the dead tree in his front yard. My guess was a but as the topic ended up talking about what mountains were, I was educated on the high points of the east coast. I saw that a pig trough that looked like some sort of device from an Austin Powers movie was the highest point in Iowa. I learned that the highest point in Florida is 345 ft above sea level and that Appaholic was both literally & figuratively, the highest person on the east coast at one point in time, which in my book is quite an achievement.

The next topic I am going to discuss that brought some great discussion to the forums this past week was the news that the University of North Dakota (UND) was retiring the “Fighting Sioux” nickname.  There were many suggestions as to new names.  Some include: Buffalo, Icemen, Northstars, Reapers, Flickertails, Kotes, Biglanders and the most popular was Susan B. Anthony.

Armanti is now on ESPN with his Vignette but the thread quickly turned into a discussion about porn and if the young female in Skjellyfetti‘s signature was old enough to be doing such acts.  So the burning question we have been wondering for years… who’s more popular, one of the Greatest FCS Quarterbacks to play football or a 20 something year old girl sitting on an exercise ball.  The verdict is in and the results show the latter, sorry Armanti.

Tiger Woods made his first appearance in the golf world after a five month hiatus due to some “minor” personal issues he was trying to deal with (you may have heard about this but if not, Google Tiger Woods).  This week Nike put out a new commercial in which Tiger was seen staring at the camera with his late father Earl Woods asking him questions as to why he did what he did and such.  This commercial has come across as shameless, controversial and more… what do you think?

Now you may be wondering what the two greatest stories of the week are?  Wonder no more.  CID1990 received the Best Goddamn Haircut Ever.  Haircut, head massage, eyebrow plucking and more for a measly $2.75.  I do believe he made it an even $3 with tip though.  It’s a decent read on his experience and maybe you can find out where this place is and experience it yourself and compare notes.

The last “best” story of the week was not D1B retiring from CS, but retiring from retirement threads.  As you all know D1B retires from CS quite often, usually once a week or so after long nights of drinking O’douls, smoking candy cigarettes and watching the latest showing of Gone with the Wind.  This week was the exception, after his latest un-retirement of his previous retirement, D1B vowed not to retire again until June 1st in which he says he will not return.  This is just a few days after the release of Sex and the City 2 so there has to be some correlation.  I’ll leave that up for you to decide.  I will be starting a pool on the forums to take bets for when he does retire, whether he will retire more than once before that, if he will hold to his word on June 1st and we will also be planning the celebration for June 2nd.

This has been your CS Weekly Update!  Enjoy!