for love………of football

Hey my loyal fanbase back here with some thoughts about football and life in general, I will be gone this week so thought I would jump in and write something as I have been slacking. While driving to Springfield this weekend to watch my panthers play the bears, I thought back to all the money spent on this weekend(food gas, rental, beer, etc) it occurred to me that in a year I will spend close to 2,000 travelling to watch my team play. While that may be a small amount for some people for others it may be very large. The passion and energy that we as a fanbase exude for our teams is quite great. Some of us travel great distances(I met some parents of players who DROVE 14-15 hours one way In order to watch their son play) this type of commitment and passion take a serious dedication to one team, making some of us the most rabid fans, almost to a detriment, but I just wanted to say kudos to those of us out there rooting with unwavering fanaticism.

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