So, haven’t written in awhile

So when I took this job, I told Chris I would write once a month in the offseason, yeah that worked. Getting married, promoted, and buying a house gets in the way, but not sure those are valid excuses, here we go. Its almost time for the best of all times of the year, the football season(though by the weather in the Midwest you could be fooled into thinking it was October already) But alas, I am beginning to dive into conference reports, and here shortly I will make the predictions for the season champs/standings. If you have some insider information feel free to post, and comments are always welcome. On a side note, what’s your circle game this year? For this Panther fan, it is definitely the NDSU game in Fargo, as much as we despise some of the Bizon fans, they have shown up and have represented the Valley conference and if UNI wants to get back to the pinnacle of FCS, the road goes through Fargo this year.

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