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1st round and some crow

1.you should be utterly embarrassed with yourselves. You to Big Sky. The MVC 5th team BEAT the no.2 team in the Big Sky, but yet you took a fourth from the Big sky and not the 2nd from the MVC. Also the no.4 team from the big sky got thoroughly woodshedded by the no. 3 team from the Southland. Disappointing, Montana and EWU need to represent, though they got stuck with rough gets.

2. BOTH of your MEAC picks got beat, with the winner getting thrashed and the second place playing a decent game against a mediocre team from a major conference, proving again “7-5 team from the Big Sky, MVC, CAA are better than a 9-3 from a MEAC team any day of the week” to quote myself.

3.What is up with all of these 2nd-round intra-conference matchups the point of the playoffs is to play teams you have never seen, not people you have. Meh nothing I can do but complain I guess.

On the flip side OVC, I am enjoying a large helping of crow thanks to Jacksonville State’s stomping of Samford, their reward? A date with streaking Mcneese State. Good luck to you guys and congrats on winning big and bringing some respectability for the OVC even if it was against a down Samford from a weak Socon. Will reserve judgment on this team till after they play Mcneese.
SHSU-I will enjoy another heaping helping of crow for your win as well, you have proved that the Southland is a VERY good conference by beating a good SUU team and spoiling my prefect predicts.

Blog went:6-1 last week
Fordham over Towson(upset special)
Montana Over Coastal
Maine over UNH(tough to beat a team twice in a season let alone in three weeks)
EIU over Tennessee state
NDSU over Furman
Mcneese over Jacksonville State(this one could go either way)


Thoughts on the brackets and some picks

REALLY TOP Conference in the division and we get TWO TWO bids? A 7-5 team from the Big Sky, MVC, CAA are better than a 9-3 from a MEAC team any day of the week. or an OVC team who again played a fluffier non-conf then NDSU. But I digress, OVC and MEAC try not embarrass yourselves today though I have you all but one losing today.
Here we go:
UNH over Lafayette in a laugher(btw I am also of the thought that if a team penalizes their would-be auto bid so that way they don’t get the auto-bid you lose your auto-bid this is the reason why)
Coastal over Bethune cookman- this is the MEAC’s best chance for a win due to a favorable match up, not quite sold on Coastal yet.
Tennessee State over Butler-Yes OVC you get your first playoff win in how many years, but over a non-scholly so in my book doesn’t count.
Fordham over Sacred Heart big.
Furman over South Carolina State, and all Montana State, Delaware, William and Mary, UNI and especially Youngstown State fans wills end a collective angry shake of the fist at the committee. This game will be closer than probably should be but I digress.
Samford over Jacksonville State-See above re:furman and SCST.

The two games that are going to be interesting:
SUU over SHSU-BOLD PROEDICTION. I think Southern Utah is a very good team and if they continue to play well could make a run.
SDSU over NAU-MVC(call me a homer you can write the blog then) But I think SDSU has proven that when they need the wins see vs.UNI, YSU. they will gut them out SDSU is a VERY good 8-4 team. NAU also is an incredible team and think they got snubbed out of a first round bye, but that seems to be the theme of this year.

Talk to you on mondays, to eat some crow or laud my predicts.


Spotlight shines on Orangeburg

Rob Weiss, FCS Update

All eyes in the MEAC will focus on Orangeburg, SC this weekend as the Florida A&M Rattlers face the South Carolina State Bulldogs

Both teams take the field Saturday with an overall record of 4-1, and a MEAC record of 2-0. Florida A&M’s lone loss came to in-state FBS rival Miami, and SC State also fell to an in-state rival when the faced South Carolina.

Florida A&M comes in with national sensation, LeRoy Vann, who has been featured on ESPN because of his explosiveness in the Rattlers return game. When asked about Vann and the problems he presented, S.C. State head coach, Buddy Pough said that they would not kick the ball out of bounds to avoid Vann touching the ball. The special teams battle could easily win this game.

The Bulldogs of South Carolina State are coming off of a 2008 playoff appearance in which they came close to upsetting FCS powerhouse, Appalachian State. They are lead by Senior RB Will Ford, who leads the team with 383 yards rushing. Ford is on the Payton Award watch list after rushing for 1,499 yards last year. Their marquee win at this point in the season came against Grambling State in week one. The game ended with a final score of 34-31, but the game was never really that close. The Bulldogs struggled at times, had conditioning issues, and just were not playing to their potential. If this game were played again I would expect the Bulldogs to win by 10+.

This game could very well decide the MEAC championship which would guarantee a spot in the 2009 FCS playoffs. While the loser could still learn an at-large bid, no one wants to leave it to chance.

Coach Pough feels like both teams have a strong resume for the playoffs. While the winner clearly has the better path, Pough feels both teams belong in at this point in the season. When asked about their non-conference schedule, Couch Pough said that he felt like they played on of the toughest non-conference slates in FCS football. This schedule included a neutral site game against Grambling State, FBS South Carolina, and Winston Salem State.

I contacted Florida A&M or this article, but was unable to get a response. Current issues in their athletic department may have caused communication issues. If we can get a comment from Coach Taylor, then the story will be updated.


South Carolina State 24   Florida A&M 14