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Merry Christmas ya filthy animals, quick one before I take off for the Christmas week. Our Championship is set, on one side we have the juggernaut that is the Bizon of NDSU. On the other the underdogs of Towson, who traveled across the country to take out the BSC champ Eastern Washington. Should be a good one will the Bizon three-peat or will Towson spoil Bohls’ going away party?

The Blog went 2-0 last week bringing a predict record to 15-6 or a 71 percent pick rate. Not to shabby.

The blog has picked NDSU every week of the playoffs and we are riding this train down the line, NDSU 35-Towson-27. Merry Christmas!

Title game predictions

Alright boys and girls its time for the Championshipsubdivision.com blog’s title game prediction, we have the bearkats and the bison part 2.

The thing we are all playing for

This has been a tough call for me and I really have gone back and forth on this one. So here it is on the one hand I have been picking against the bearkats all playoffs long and as those brilliant bearkat fans like to point out how wrong I was AFTER the game(not a peep prior to two of them) while you have NDSU who has just put down dominant perforamance after dominant performance on the other. I have my brain that says NDSU but my heart thinks the road the bearkats have gone trhough has prepped them for this game. With that being said


We will see you after the game feel free to make a predicition, however any poster who feels the need to post about how wrong I was without posting something prior will have their comment deleted(because you really look like a moron)


Championship Game

Rob Weiss, FCS Update

¬†Unfortunately this week has been very busy. This means two things. I can’t make it to Chattanooga, and I don’t have much time to write.

I apologize for not giving this game the rundown it deserves. Here’s a quicky.

Montana has been clicking on all cyclinders since the end of the South Dakota State game.

Villanova has played very well with the exception of some issues in the William and Mary game.

The key in this game is how the Montana offense will handle the 3-3-5 defense. People have argued back and forth about this in the comment section. Here’s the issue: It’s not that Montana has not played good defenses. It’s that they haven’t seen a 3-3-5. Those of you who have ever faced a 3-3-5 understand the issues. In a 3-3-5, there are 3 down linemen, 3 LBs, and 5 DBs. Essesntially every play is a blitz, and as an offensive lineman, it is hard to make your reads and know who to block. So the keys will be how well they scout it, how well they understand it, and how they adapt to it during the game.

We all know the rest about both of these teams. It’s been drilled into us every week since Thanksgiving.

I’ve got to say:

Montana Grizzlies 24  Villanova Wildcats 20