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Welcome to FCS Update with Rob Weiss

Welcome to the first edition of FCS Update. My name is Rob Weiss and I will be your host. As I get going I hope to post new stories at least a couple times a week, so check back often for updates.

I have been watching FCS football since 1989. Hard to believe it’s been 20 years since I attended my first game. Today I watch as many games as I can each and every Saturday. With free internet feeds and sites like channelsurfing I am catching a lot more games these days, but the games I can’t watch I try to follow box scores or game trackers.

I look forward to providing you with the best coverage possible and look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions in the future!

0 Top 25 FCS Poll

We are launching our top 25 FCS Poll and have begun registration for voting.  The rules for registration are below and if you would like to participate, please register!  Enjoy!

1) Must register no later than 12:00 am 09/26/09 to be eligible to vote in 2009 Poll
2) Registrant must have at least 100 posts on the forums prior to 12:00 am 09/26/09.
3) Must declare a home team and cannot change home teams during the season.
4) Must provide a valid email address. Voters providing invalid addresses will have their ballots nullified.
5) Voters found to have registered under two or more names will be ineligible to vote for remainder of season.



New Site Launched

We have launched our new website located at  For over two years we have been a forum only site. That has now changed as you can all see.  We now have a main content area that contains a stadium database with tons of information and pictures on every stadium in the FCS, we have an FCS links directory that gathers links from all over the nation for each FCS school and much more to come.  Keep checking the blog for the most up to date information on what is happening at!  While you are at it, become a fan on facebook and get instant updates on new happenings!  Enjoy!