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Bison, Bulldogs, Mustangs, OH MY!

Well this is turning out to be an interesting season boys and girls, but I am going to focus on a couple of surprise teams for the year. While a few weeks back I gave the kiss of death to the Citadel bulldogs maybe I can reverse that curse today.
First I have to give a shout out to the bison of NDSU, and as much as it pains me to say they have proven why they are the best team in FCS by absolutly stomping the then-no.3 team Youngstown state in the dome in Fargo, this team seems highly unstoppable at this point, however we are only halfway into the season so you never know.

Now onto the surprises, First the bulldogs of Samford I tread lightly as their only “big” win on the season was against the citadel, and they got stomped by a decent Georgia Southern Team. As long as I am on the SOCON track, these next few weeks in the SOCON will determin ALOT as the top 3 teams(GA southern, Wofford, Samford and a down App State Team, all play basiclly round robin the next few weeks, My guess, Wofford comes out and shows that they are the class of the leage, going on the road to beat GA southern and App State)

Cal Poly-I say they are a surprise because well they have a high chance of ending the season with only one loss (@EWU) but when you compare thier schedule it isn’t all that tough, with no Montana State or Montana. However they could be a dark horse in a Big Sky sans a traditional powerhouse Montana.

Who are your Darkhorses this season.


What did we learn? Week 5

Well boys and girls sorry for not writing I know your lives are worse off of because of it, here are my thoughts on the past couple of weeks of FCS football.
Eastern Washington, while I was skeptical at first after their Idaho win, they beat an already reeling Grizz team, which ovbiously puts the eagles in the driver seat for the Big Sky title and top four slot, their only true test yet coming in Bozeman against Montana State on Oct. 13

Despite playing a vanilla schedule the NDSU bison came into the dome and made the Panthers pay for their tough schedule by sending the Panthers to 0-4 in DI compeition. The Bison looked legit on both sides of the ball while the panthers looked tired and made mistakes that cost them the game because of those mistakes. The Bison host the up and rising Youngstown State in the Fargodome for homecoming then the ever dangerous Sycamores also in the dome for the true meat of their schedule.
The Citadel played lke the Citadel of old when they turned out a terrible effort against a Moc team that brought their A game and earned a W against the Bulldogs, leaving Wofford as the only unbeaten in Socon play.
the CAA, what to say just wow, it is all over the place there is a Reason the CAA has been so dominant recently is that any given saturday case in point UNH over UD this weekend.

Sorry for you ECB but it is what it is, sending me your own thoughts and I will use it to exppand the East coast.


The Citadel?????

Well This years dark horse has got to be the dogs from The Citadel.  No longer able to fly under the radar with their beatdown of App State The citadel has become a tru national contender.

The Citadel has taken on the traditional SOCON powers and has become the team that can in FCS this year. I personally love seeing newer teams trising up to challenge the existing football powers, I mean come on which one of us isn’t, we are for the most part the little guys. Go Citadel you have a fan up here in missouri valley country.


Now what did we learn? Parts 1 and 2

Hello anyone who reads this, my humblest apologies for failing to write last week, I could afford any number of excuses, but they are just that excuses. So here is a double hit for you this week boys and girls.
1. Week 1 we learned that YSU may be finally putting it all together this year after throttling FBS Pittsburgh.  UNI came out very strong against what was supposed to be a good Wisconsin team.  Bad thing for both UNI and YSU is those games were put into question as both team lost in Week 2(Wisconsin to an average-looking Oregon State team and Pitt to a improving Cincy team)

OK so its late and I haven’t surfed the net in a few days so I am a bit behind, but after looking at some things it is shaping up to be a very interesting year in the FCS.  The MVC looks like it will come down to 5 teams vying for the title with a resurgent Illinois state team coming on strong after last years disappointing season, and of course Indiana State ,UNI, YSU and NDSU looking strong as well.

In the Big Sky the Bobcats of MSU did not look impressive in their win against Drake, however like most teams its the beginning of the year, however the Big Sky will once again be a tight race with the ever present Montana, and Eastern Washington who was only narrowly defeated by FBS Washington State, but did take down FBS/FCS wannabe Idaho. Sacramento State upset Pac-12 Colorado this weekend, which is a huge boost for the Hornets as the only remaining road test for the Hornet will be against EWU on the 20th of October.

The socon to an interesting turn this weekend, App State Went out in the FCS Game of the week and beat a Montana team that looks to continue on the Montana path of always being strong.  However its the surprise upset of Georgia Southern by the Citadel that has GSU and Furman who lost to Samford in week one and Coastal Carolina on the bottom looking up at a Strong looking SOCON.  The eagles are lucky in that they get perennial SOCON powers Wofford and App State at home.  The Eagles visit Furman on Oct 20th.

The Terriers have gotten to take it easy the last two weeks, and have a tough five game stretch starting Oct. 6 hosting Furman, then on the road at APP State and Georgia Southern in consecutive weeks, followed by hosting the Citadel and on the road against Samford.Looking for that to be the decisive stretch for the terriers.

In the Colonial New Hampshire looked down right awful against a so-so Minnesota team(I actually watched that game)  Other than that it seems as though the colonial will be as up for grabs as anyone, as of this point no one setting themselves apart(except for Georgia State)


Well there you have it my thoughts on what I have seen and read, see ya later in the week GO FCS!


And the wait is over

ITs here, or for some of us already gone, It was nice waiting for you, however the bad thing is that all of us begin this year with one dream, one hope and only one team, ends this year realizing that dream, but that’s the best way for it to be. Good luck to all those this year, to all the fans traveling stay safe stay smart, and we’ll see you in Frisco.


It’s the Waiting that will kill you

9 months 23 days. 15 days. 138 days. These to me represent what is coming up in life that is importat. Each day is different and has a different meaning. From a wedding, to the Start of Football, to the end of my project(with a hope of a contract extension) there is a lot to look forward to in the next several months in my life. But I am here to focus on that most holiest of seasons-Football. I have lived, breathed, and bled(and cried some tears) Panther Purple and gold for 8 years now. From the highest of highs(San Marcos, Texas, Oklahoma City) to the lowest of lows Chattanooga a week after San Marcos, 2007 quarter finals, and yet every year it seems the Panthers take my hopes up to the high that this finally may be the year and every year have dashed them jsut the same. So why my friends do we subject ourselves to such punishment. Why do we have all but one of our teams end the year on a loss? Why do we come back year after year where only ONE of our teams will have its dream at the end of the year. One world, happiness. We as human creatures are naturally positive(well except D1B) and love the happy feelings so much that we subject ourselves to constant heartbreak in order to feel that one year of happinesxs whne our team finally puts it all together and gets that shiny piece of hardwar that vaults our team to the pinnacle of FCS.

Good luck to all the players out there this year, GO FCS!



Hot enough for ya?

Welcome back, folks; hope the heat hasn’t put a damper on your summer! Unfortunately the Miami Heat were on fire and crushed the younger but still talented Thunder in 5, giving one of the most polarizing figures in the NBA his first title. The Olympics are coming up from London. There are a few athletes from the FCS world competing, but for me personally I would love nothing more than to see a US-Iran match-up in ANYTHING. Or how about North Korea-South Korea, or Isreal-Iran. How would the Geo-political world react to such an event? Anyway just 50 days left till the good season starts, sorry for not writing went through a job change recently so had to adjust, but I promise I won’t be so flaky, anyway stay cool and don’t be dumb.


Hello……Is anyone there

“You’re it until you die or I find someone better”
Well here goes Its wednesday may 23,2012 99 days until we can stop talking about our kids/playing elimination games/counting down the days until the greatest season known to mankind. I am open to doing this blog governed by the people, for the people, and written by me. I am open to suggestions on what you want to see more of, what you want to see less of etc. During the season I will be posting at least once a week(primarily during the week after the polls come out) which will be my opinons and our observations on the State that is FCS football.
During the off-season unless I see something I really want to blog about you want hear to much out of me.
As we are nearing the end of the spring season and starting our summer of waiting, the news out of most places will be pretty minimal, however the biggest news of the off-season has got to be the Montana Scandal. As a Panther fan one HAS to wonder how that game would of played out if those responsible had been disciplined properly, and one has to wonder if the AD and Coach Pflu are thinking a semi-final loss to SHSU was worth losing their jobs over. What can you say hind sight is 20/20.

Also in the news is the ever present conference re-alingment has started to trickle down to the FCS ranks, with several FCS schools being the mention of moving up(or in some cases a move down to the Sun Belt, etc) This begs the question, is FCS football sustaniable in today’s money-hungry world? I honestly believe it is, while i think of the likes of Montana, NDSU, Deleware, App State, etc will eventually move up I think those schools who aren’t their states no.1 or no.2 programs(GSU, UNI, Wofford) will stay in FCS land as either there isn’t the support in the state or the money to make the move to a sub-BCS conference.

Well kids that’s all for today! Let me know what you did like and didn’t like, but if you think you can do better, volunteer next time.


Hurry up to wait…

Now that the two teams have been decided for the 2011 NCAA FCS National Championship Game, through the glorious playoff system, it seems like one question is still lingering.

Why did the Subdivision committee decide to hustle through the playoffs, only to have the title game three weeks after the semifinals are decided?

Should they have given all of the teams involved in the playoffs a week off before play commenced? Would there have been a different outcome with the games? Shoulda, woulda, coulda comes into play here it seems. But there are always going to be glitches with things, even with the Championship Subdivision we all love. One big one being the title game being played on the same day as the Cotton Bowl (with one of the biggest fan base teams playing in it).

This post of mine is just to start up chatter, but it’s not like there isn’t plenty of that already. Sometimes you just have to put your thoughts down and see where it goes.

And remember, even though I’m as big of an Ohio State fan you’ll find, there’s no BS in the FCS!


Q & A with TSN’s Craig Haley

Some of you may have noticed the thread a week or so ago asking you what questions you would like to ask TSN’s Craig Haley about the FCS.  I gathered up some of those questions and asked Craig and he delightfully answered them to give us more of  an insight into the FCS.  Thanks Craig for taking the time to answer these questions.

What was with the lack of coverage of the biggest story from week 2, the JMU upset of Virginia Tech?
Craig: Indeed, we could have done more. I’m offering the reason, not an excuse. Our two writers (Craig Haley and Andrew Gaddess) were on the road that day. The story was on our FBS pages, however. The JMU win would have led our FCS review column, but the No. 1 team in the nation (Montana) lost later that day. Whichever way we went, it was going to leave half the readers unhappy.

What is your opinion on the MEAC’s struggles in the playoffs over the years?
Craig: The MEAC has been behind other conference in the level of talent. Without enough of it, you’re not going to go far in the playoffs, especially when you don’t draw home games. I think South Carolina State can win a playoff game this season.

Thoughts on publishing an FCS magazine?
Craig: Sorry to disappoint, but not in this economic climate. It takes a lot of resources and staff to do it right.

Where do you see the division in 5 years? 10 years?
Craig: I can see more regional television coverage. Some of the conferences are making it happen as technology (like internet broadcasting) expands so quickly. I think a lot of fans who want to have their school move up to the FBS will realize we have it pretty good on the FCS level.

What, if any, unusual experiences have you had to date in dealing with Coaches, AD’s, SID’s or Conference officials??
Craig: Nothing big comes to mind. Most of the people on the FCS level are terrific people and accessible. One conference media relations director had a terrific story a few months ago about his days as an SID a couple years ago. He had to umpire a conference baseball game and his one student intern was a player on the school’s team. It all happened at the last minute. The SID had to update the visiting team’s statistics between innnings and the student intern (on the home team) had to update the visitor’s information when he was in his dugout. All in a day’s work.

Now that you’ve had a chance to view other teams from other conferences, what are some of biggest differences between “A” conference and “B” conference, etc?
Craig: Resources at the schools. That’s what makes conferences like CAA Football, the Big Sky, Southern, MVFC bigger and better than some of the smaller conferences. Even within conferences, there are differences. Within the CAA, schools like Richmond and James Madison have more resources than New Hampshire and Maine.

Why are the Ivies ducking the playoffs? They say academics, however, the basketball team misses way more class time than the football team participating in the playoffs for a couple of weeks.
Craig: It’s an archaic rule mandated by the school presidents. They say they don’t want football players missing classes. That is a hollow reason. The first round of the playoffs are over Thanksgiving and the Ivy champion wouldn’t miss class time. Even if the Ivy champion advances to the second weekend of the players, it would only be a plus for the school. No person within the football programs support the presidents’ rule.

How can the Griz beat a team that runs the option?
Craig: Maybe schedule a Cal Poly or an option team in the first game. Seriously because then the Griz could work on defending it all preseason. It takes a lot of preparation and experience. I saw Rutgers struggle with defending option teams for years and eventually got over it. Montana can do the same.

I took this time to also ask a couple questions that I (Chris Lynn) had about the FCS and the support us fans can provide to help increase the exposure of the FCS.

What would it take to make the FCS more successful in the media and revenue opportunities?
Craig: Certainly more television exposure. Networks need to discover the talent on the FCS level, and it starts on the regional and conference level. High-profile upsets and great games help, and Appalachian State-Montana and Montana-Villanova drew strong ratings for ESPN last year. Most sports aren’t revenue generators for the schools. It would help as the NCAA pushes the great product of FCS even more.

What is the importance of fan sites such as and to FCS Football?
Craig: The sites are terrific. They give the fans a forum and a chance to promote so many schools. There should be camaradarie on these sites, not division.

Throwing the polls out of the thought process, who do you feel is the most well-rounded team in the FCS this year?
Craig: It’s hard to argue with Villanova. To have all that veteran talent returning from a national championship squad, it’s hard to argue against the Wildcats. And that’s why voters have them ranked No. 1.

What can I (Chris Lynn) do or continue to do to help increase the exposure/success of the FCS?
Craig: I like items like topic of the week or game of the week. Maybe putting more news items on the sites. Getting fans involved from some conferences that haven’t participated as much as others would help.

Thanks again Craig for taking the time to answer these questions with your busy schedule and thanks for doing what you do to cover the FCS.