CS FCS Top 25 Poll Registration

Please fill out the form below to register and take part in the ChampionshipSubdivision.com FCS Top 25 Poll.


  1. Must register by 11:59 pm 08/29/2013.
  2. Must have at least 100 posts by 11:59 pm 08/29/2013.
  3. Must declare a home team and cannot change home teams during the season.
  4. Must give a valid email address.
  5. Voters found to have registered under two or more names will be ineligible to vote for the rest of season.


  1. Poll closes Sunday at Midnight PST each week.
  2. Voter must vote every week. If the voter misses 3 weeks they lose their voting ability.
  3. Regular season poll will start after Week 1 games have completed.