Week 1

Alright, boys and girls Week 1 is done and in the books. We learned a few things, EWU is as good as we thought, NDSU made FBS ISU look silly, UNI looked good against a decent Iowa team, Deleware looked terrible against a mediocre Pitt team, Youngstown held their own against an unknown Illinois team(till the 4th quarter) Montana held […]


TSN poll

Again, some ?’s and some surprises, TWO WEEKS FOLKS GET YOU GAME FACE ON. 1. Eastern Washington Eagles (82) 12-3 3589 3 2. North Dakota State Bison (62) 15-0 3540 1 3. Southeastern Louisiana Lions (2) 11-3 3300 6 4. New Hampshire Wildcats (1) 10-5 3090 5 5. Montana Grizzlies 10-3 2817 8 6. Jacksonville […]


Coaches Poll

Yes pre-season doesn’t matter but kinda left scratching my head on this one. 1 North Dakota State (18) 15-0 636 1 2 Eastern Washington (6) 12-3 615 3 3 Southeastern Louisiana (1) 11-3 542 6 4 New Hampshire 10-5 510 5 5 Montana 10-3 505 8 6 Coastal Carolina 12-3 447 7 7 Towson (1) […]


Pre-season polls

Athlon College Football 1. Eastern Washington (12-3, 8-0 Big Sky) 2. North Dakota State (15-0, 8-0 Missouri Valley) 3. Southeastern Louisiana (11-3, 7-0 Southland) 4. New Hampshire (10-5, 6-2 CAA) 5. Northern Iowa (7-5, 3-5 Missouri Valley) 6. Jacksonville State (11-4, 5-3 OVC) 7. Montana (10-3, 6-2 Big Sky) 8. Villanova (6-5, 5-3 CAA) 9. […]


Spring Football

Ahh that magically time of the year when everyone has a legit shot at the national title and everyone thinks they are a pre-season Walter Peyton award finalist because they can beat the freshman pre-enrollees at half-speed in no pads. SPRING FOOTBALL is here which means after its long absence football talk can begin in […]



So the blog went on hibernation, well not for lack of choice, I have been in the field and have had to use the mobile and haven’t had access to a legit computer and didn’t remember how to get to the posting site. That being said the silly season is in full spring with random […]



Merry Christmas ya filthy animals, quick one before I take off for the Christmas week. Our Championship is set, on one side we have the juggernaut that is the Bizon of NDSU. On the other the underdogs of Towson, who traveled across the country to take out the BSC champ Eastern Washington. Should be a […]

Semis Week

Alright Boys and Girls Its Semi’s week-A little love for the CAA, two of the four semis teams, including a “bubble” team that squeaked in. Congrats! You have shown that when it comes to crunch time you guys are ready. So I was watching the Towson-EIU game, and I was incredibly impressed with Towson’s running […]

2nd round, the Big Sky, and some more damn crow

Wow what a weekend, especially that SHSU and SELA game. That was fun to watch. Anyway so another round of the playoffs is in the book and we have learned something else. THE BIG SKY IS NOT THE BEST CONFERENCE IN THE COUNTRY. They have count it ONE, ONE playoff win this year they are […]


1st round and some crow

Committee- 1.you should be utterly embarrassed with yourselves. You to Big Sky. The MVC 5th team BEAT the no.2 team in the Big Sky, but yet you took a fourth from the Big sky and not the 2nd from the MVC. Also the no.4 team from the big sky got thoroughly woodshedded by the no. […]