Who Said It? William Barr or Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini?

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Who Said It? William Barr or Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini?

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Guess Barr or Khomeini. Don't think the poll feature really supports this, so just reply below.

Winner gets 3 clap emoticons.

1. "It is hard to resist the constant seductions of our contemporary society."

2. "This conviction, this morality, these laws that are needed, we already possess. So as soon as someone goes somewhere or invents something, we should not hurry to abandon our religion and its laws, which regulate the life of man and provide for his well-being in this world."

3. "The problem is not that religion is being forced upon others. The problem is that irreligion and secular values are being
forced on people of faith."

4. "In the world there is no democracy better than our democracy."

5. "Modern secularists dismiss this idea of morality as other-worldly superstition imposed by a kill-joy clergy."

6. "If you have divine motives, material benefits will follow suit but they are no longer material; they have become divine."

7. "In the past, when societies are threatened by moral chaos, the overall social costs of licentiousness and irresponsible personal conduct becomes so high that society ultimately recoils and reevaluates the path that it is on."

8. "First is the force, fervor, and comprehensiveness of the assault on religion we are experiencing today. This is not decay; it is organized destruction."

9. "The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer."

10. "The fact is that no secular creed has emerged capable of performing the role of religion."

11. "The left never cooperated with us, that only gave us problems... it is not by chance that the present plot comes from them. My view is that it is not even a real left, but an artificial left."

12. "I will not dwell on the bitter results of the new secular age. Suffice it to say that the campaign to destroy the traditional moral order has brought with it immense suffering, wreckage, and misery."

13. "This democracy, which you love so much and that you consider so valuable, does not have a precise meaning. Aristotle's democracy is one thing, the Soviet democracy is another thing... We cannot afford to have such an ambiguous concept placed in our Constitution."

14. "And to control willful human beings, with an infinite capacity to rationalize, those moral values must rest on authority independent of men's will -- they must flow from a transcendent Supreme Being."

15. "Anyone who says that religion is separate from politics is a fool."
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Cid1990 wrote:It is going to be a sad day for a lot of people when all that comes of all of this is Flynn getting whacked.

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Re: Who Said It? William Barr or Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini?

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Are these trick questions? I’ll guess Barr all 15. But give a shit I do not.
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