Thoughts on the brackets and some picks

REALLY TOP Conference in the division and we get TWO TWO bids? A 7-5 team from the Big Sky, MVC, CAA are better than a 9-3 from a MEAC team any day of the week. or an OVC team who again played a fluffier non-conf then NDSU. But I digress, OVC and MEAC try not […]


Playoff picks

Alright here we go the reason we are named for what we are. the Championship playoffs: Here are my thoughts-Patriot(lehigh) enjoy sitting at home you can’t lose by 25 to a 5-6 team and expect to make the playoffs. Chuck South-schedule better AND go 10-3 and we’ll talk. UNI has an open date next year, […]


for love………of football

Hey my loyal fanbase back here with some thoughts about football and life in general, I will be gone this week so thought I would jump in and write something as I have been slacking. While driving to Springfield this weekend to watch my panthers play the bears, I thought back to all the money […]


The Curse Continues

GW-welcome to conference play. This is why you don’t piss and moan about your ranking until at least week 5. BTW you don’t even play in what is a “major” conference, though I have to admit the Big South is not the also ran of the south anymore It will be exciting to see what […]


What did you learn?

Well football fans this blogger owes you an apology. I have been a. busy as all heck at work and b. also with my team having some struggles I have grown slightly lethargic in my perusing/posting/blogging about this football season. Again this week we saw a top-5 team take a loss, and we have some […]


The revolving Door

Well folks, what a great few weeks of football. In the span of the last three weeks three top-five teams have been knocked off. So really who is fit to challenge NDSU for the National Title? UNI played close with them, but then dropped an egg against a better-than their record SIU. Towson has struggled […]


Week 6

So its week 6 and we know a heck of a lot more from week 5. Gardner webb beat their d2 pretty handly, we will reserve judgment till after this week. I want Saturday to be here so I can watch football and drink beer. As it is picks this week, last week we went […]


Musings for this week and some picks

Alright, so this week after realizing hey someone actually reads this maybe I should put something worthwhile up(call it a EV VS WC) hangover that I could not come up with anything, then while perusing the boards this AM, a point of interest was brought involving a school that I had only ever heard a […]



So this is something that has probably been discussed, re-discussed, and just for hecks sake re-hashed, well I have been thinking about this-with the recent defections from FCS to FBS of some powerhouse programs has the EC fallen behind the WC? After 8 straight EC championships the WC has claimed 3 straight with no EC […]


CS: 2013 FCS Top 25 Football Poll Week 3 (9/16/2013)

2013 CS Top 25 Poll Week 3 | 9/16/2013 (Points) 1. North Dakota State Bison (324) 2. Towson Tigers (296) 3. Eastern Washington Eagles (292) 4. Sam Houston State Bearkats (288) 5. Montana Grizzlies (250) 6. South Dakota State Jackrabbits (247) 7. Montana State Bobcats (237) 8. Northern Iowa Panthers (222) 9. Eastern Illinois Panthers […]