CS: FCS Top 25 Football Poll Week 5 (10/7/09)

After many many months of planning and developing our Top 25 Football Poll, the first results have finally arrived and I do say myself, it looks pretty darn good!  Our poll represents how the teams are actually performing this season and not based on pre-season rankings. We are very pleased with the results and will […]


The Battle In The Trenches, Part 1: Meet Pat Paschall

Rob Weiss, FCS Update This weekend, those of us in the Fargodome are in for what should amount to be an epic battle. North Dakota State’s running back, Pat Paschall, is currently the number one running back in all of FCS football. Paschall, coming into the game averaging 150.8 yards per game, is going to […]


Site Updates 10/5/09

We have been hard at work here at ChampionshipSubdivison.com and have the following additions to announce to you! Hope you enjoy what we are doing here and we are looking forward to continuing the development process and providing you the BEST resource for FCS football! The following resources are possible due to the hard work […]


Top 25 Summary 10/3

Rob Weiss, FCS Update Crazy day in the Top 25. I had the opportunity to watch four games today. Here’s a rundown on my predictions, how it went down, and what I thought of the outcome. 1. Richmond is idle.   2. Villanova vs. No. 4 William and Mary My prediction: William and Mary 24  […]


Top 25 Update

Rob Weiss, FCS Update: In early Top 25 games: Looks like I’m going to be under on No. 22 Holy Cross. I predicted a 35-7 win, but going into halftime they already have a 35-7 lead.   So far I’m WAY off on No. 10 Appalachian State against The Citadel, who is unranked. I picked the […]


I’ve Been Outed

Rob Weiss, FCS Update: Earlier today another FCS website outed me by associating my real name with my user name. This will not stop me from writing this blog. I will continue writing the most honest and unbiased material in FCS coverage. If knowing where my FCS loyalty lies on Saturday bothers you, shoot me […]


10/3 Top 25 Predictions

Rob Weiss, FCS Update:   1. Richmond is idle.   2. Villanova vs. No. 4 William and Mary William and Mary 24  Villanova 21   3. Northern Iowa  vs. Indiana State Northern Iowa 52  Indiana State 7   5. Montana is idle.   6. New Hampshire vs. Towson New Hampshire 28  Towson 10   7. […]


The Rumor Mill is turning: Pioneer League applying for autobid

Rob Weiss, FCS Update: The end of November is always an exciting time in FCS football.  For 16 teams it means the beginning of a shot at the national championship.  Starting in 2010 that number will jump to 20 with the addition of automatic bids for the Big South and NEC, and 2 more at-large bids. […]


FCS Update hits the road

Rob Weiss, FCS Update: FCS Update will make it’s first in-person reporting appearance a week from Saturday in Fargo, ND. Our feature story will be the #1 RB in the country, Pat Paschall of NDSU facing the highly ranked Northern Iowa defense.   We will feature Paschall and the Panther defense leading up to the game […]


Battle For The CAA : Take 1

Rob Weiss, FCS Update: The CAA has come out strong. So strong that the top teams in the conference have a combined four FBS wins. Those teams have also combined for a 15-0 record and are receiving at least one vote in one of the three major polls. This week is the first chance we have to start […]