Debt Ceiling

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Debt Ceiling

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I think what the Republicans are doing is horrible. I think it's an example of behavior illustrating why it was foolish for people to vote to put that Party in control of any aspect of our elected government. The outlook for the future would be much, much better right now if the Democrats had retained control of the House.

However, I have always thought that the two sides should always just agree on what they both agree to spend money on and do that. I think what the Democrats should do is just go ahead and accept the Republican extortion while making it clear that what happens is on the Republicans. Just say they have to go ahead and allow all the cuts while being very public and clear in saying that they are opposed to them but they have to do it or it'll be an even bigger disaster because of what the Republicans did by tying it to the debt ceiling.

As far as I can tell, the Republican cuts would be extremely unpopular and would also cause a very strong negative economic disturbance. Just keep reminding people that this is what happens when the Republicans are in control of anything and get their way.
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