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Nunes wins big to retain, then retires

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2023 8:13 am
by SuperHornet
Amanda Nunes won a unanimous decision over Mexico's Irene Aldana in a match that was never close (judge scores were Nunes +6, +6, +7), and then Nunes removed her gloves and left them AND both of her UFC title belts in the ring, walking away from a career that many consider the best among female UFC athletes, having defeated Cyborg, Rousey, Holm, and even one of the only two to beat her at the UFC level, Pena.

While the article I read says nothing about this, I see the stage as perfectly set for another run-in with Rousey...this time in WWE. WWE, at least, seems to have done better creatively with Rousey than they did when they got Shamrock and Severn. Heck, even Lesnar has been used as nothing more than an insane monster, which was about all they did with Shamrock; Severn didn't even get that much of a push. On the other hand, Rousey has worked both sides of the babyface/heel divide, and done an excellent job with both, and is even mentoring another former MMA fighter in Shayna Baszler, albeit on the dominant heel side. It would be interesting if WWE would use this unique use of Rousey and push Nunes in the same ways, or if they would revert to the old ways a la Shamrock....