Caucasian high schooler runs 9.98 100 meters

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Re: Caucasian high schooler runs 9.98 100 meters

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JBB wrote: Wed Aug 28, 2019 3:31 am
Gil Dobie wrote:
It's truth. Intelligence test are notorious for being bias against African American culture.
You can’t teach stupid. There is no african American culture and if there is why should I as an American be beholden to african American culture? What is african American culture anyway? Is this an african American culture or American culture? Is this the melting pot or not?

Are you talking Detroit, Chicago, Ferguson? Is that african American culture? Are you talking knockout game? Are you talking Baltimore and the cop killing by african Americans. Are you talking Oberlin college. Possibly the burning of white women to death in the streets of Wichita or Louisiana or the raping of white Woman as the Gophers so gleefully do on Facebook? Are you talking the police murders by blacks in Dallas? What do you mean by this supposed african American culture that you seem to believe exists along side American culture and requires special privileges to get by?

In a free country where all are created equal there is no room for catering to cultures, certainly not a culture of poverty, violence and crime where it’s creators can’t even present themselves in an acceptable manner.

Didn’t do nuffin and they are 100% correct. The dindos.

Here are some quotes the YBCA, a black cultural group in Ca., has to say:

They say such things as:

“I’m angry at white people most of the time.”

“It’s like, just part of like whiteness to be abusive and violent.”

“Whiteness invades my life and my mind.”

“You could be violent, and through that perpetuate whiteness. You could not look at your whiteness and be perpetuating that violence, still. Like, you could do nothing and still be violent.”

“Fuck the pigs.”

Some of the speakers encourage violence:

“I think if you’re not supporting people of color and to end white supremacy, and you’re neutral, or you are that person that’s perpetrating it, then you shouldn’t—I think you deserve harm.”

“I think that harm is radical. But I think sometimes radical is needed.”

“And, sometimes I feel like non-violence is not the best route.”

The video assumes that white people are a kind of plague; the only question is what to do about them. Some of the speakers do not call for violence, but they never say killing whites would be immoral. They have other reasons for hesitating to kill whites:

“I’m not gonna harm a white person, I’m not gonna murder a white person, ’cause I’m scared.”

“I think the reason we don’t murder more white people is because they are protected, in a sense.”

“You don’t wanna be violent ’cause that’ll make you look bad or something. Or like, make you and your community look bad. But, whiteness is violence.”

“I think that we don’t murder white people because there is a thought process around, ‘White is Right.’”

Some of the speakers make a distinction between killing white people and destroying “whiteness:”

I’m not even mentioning what the demented white whore among them had to say. ... te-people/

Definitely don’t give up your guns and buy more ammunition.
I guess that you forgot why those cities made national headlines ask Darren Wilson why Ferguson made headlines???? Ask the cops in Chicago about LaQuan McDonald.
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