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Conference Realignment & the NCAA Tournament

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2022 11:12 am
by UNI88
Report: Greg Sankey pitches plan to dramatically change NCAA Tournament, drawing ire
A power grab like this would cause even more backlash moving forward. The NCAA Tournament is one of the most beloved institutions in sports. Changing the dynamic of it at the expense of mid-majors no longer stealing the show likely isn’t what fans would have in mind for it. Goodman says he understands the reality of where we are headed in college sports. While there’s zero concern about the new landscape, he just simply wishes to see Sankey and the powers that be leave March Madness alone.
Definitely not a fan of this if it's the direction they're going. It would likely be the nail in the coffin that completely turns me off to college sports at the Power level.