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Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2022 2:29 pm
by SuperHornet
This is what predicts, which I've paired with my own admittedly homered predictions.

First Round

Delaware d. St. Francis (SH: St. Francis)
Fordham d. New Hampshire (SH: Fordham)
E. Kentucky d. Gardner-Webb (SH: E. Kentucky)
Weber State d. North Dakota (SH: Weber State)
Montana d. SE Missouri State (SH: Montana)
Idaho d. SE Louisiana (SH: SE Louisiana)
Elon d. Furman (SH: Furman)
Richmond d. Davidson (SH: Richmond)

Round of 16

1 SD State d. Delaware (SH: 1 SD State)
8 Holy Cross d. Fordham (SH: 8 Holy Cross)
5 William & Mary d. E. Kentucky (SH: 5 William & Mary)
Weber State d. 4 MT State (SH: Weber State)
3 ND State d. Montana (SH: 3 ND State)
6 Samford d. Idaho (SH: 6 Samford)
7 Incarnate Word d. Elon (SH: 7 Incarnate Word)
2 Sacramento State d. Richmond (SH: Richmond)


1 SD State d. 8 Holy Cross (SH: 1 SD State)
5 William & Mary d. Weber State (SH: Weber State)
3 ND State d. 6 Samford (SH: 3 ND State)
7 Incarnate Word d. 2 Sacramento State (SH: 2 Sacramento State)


1 SD State d. 5 William & Mary (SH: 1 SD State)
3 ND State d. 7 Incarnate Word (SH: 2 Sacramento State)


1 SD State d. 3 ND State (SH: 2 Sacramento State)