Bidenflation and Shortage thread

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Re: Bidenflation and Shortage thread

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BDKJMU wrote: Sun Mar 17, 2024 10:53 am
kalm wrote: Sun Mar 17, 2024 9:58 am

I was waiting for this reply, Ganny. :lol:

It doesn’t say “due”.

But it does show that despite a 91% top marginal rate, huge growth was still achieved.

(I’m sure these economists never considered that impact either :))

And even back that when we were still able to have rich people.
With loopholes large enough to drive a fleet of trucks through that NO ONE came remotely close to paying..
Agreed on the loopholes.
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Re: Bidenflation and Shortage thread

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UNI88 wrote: Sun Mar 17, 2024 9:21 am
kalm wrote: Sun Mar 17, 2024 9:01 am Speaking of tax cuts and the Gipper… ... ckle-down/
High economic growth and low unemployment in the postwar period was due to the highest taxes on the rich ... :rofl:

The rich should pay their fair share but they shouldn't be gouged to pay for every program and service a pseudo-progressive can dream of.
...they aren't being gouged, buying off the poor is the cheapest way to keep them at bay and keep them from taking what you have. Much cheaper than armed security. :coffee:
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Re: Bidenflation and Shortage thread

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Well, it looks like the Fed got it wrong again

They should be raising rates because they said the goal was 2% inflation…. Instead they stand pat and watch inflation raise its ugly head again


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