Kazakh Pneumonia: Deadlier than COVID-19, or More Fear Porn?

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Re: Kazakh Pneumonia: Deadlier than COVID-19, or More Fear Porn?

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kalm wrote:
GannonFan wrote:
Fri Jul 10, 2020 2:17 pm
That's something that never gets fully nuanced by our simplistic, head-line grabbing and biased-based media. I never hear the distinction between lab released and lab produced, just a focus on the latter. It's part of the partisan divide that we see everywhere on everything, sadly.
I was simply sloppy with my wording. I posted a few weeks ago about Brett Weinstein’s hunch that it was lab produced.

It doesn’t really matter anyway except that China and the WHO constantly appear to be attempting to save face.
Yeah well guess who is trying to nudge things towards making it racist to reference Chinese culpability in the first days of the outbreak?

If you guessed about 85% of the US media, you get the noogie

Anybody who tries to rehabilitate China over this is a serious problem
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