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Title game predictions

Alright boys and girls its time for the blog’s title game prediction, we have the bearkats and the bison part 2.

The thing we are all playing for

This has been a tough call for me and I really have gone back and forth on this one. So here it is on the one hand I have been picking against the bearkats all playoffs long and as those brilliant bearkat fans like to point out how wrong I was AFTER the game(not a peep prior to two of them) while you have NDSU who has just put down dominant perforamance after dominant performance on the other. I have my brain that says NDSU but my heart thinks the road the bearkats have gone trhough has prepped them for this game. With that being said


We will see you after the game feel free to make a predicition, however any poster who feels the need to post about how wrong I was without posting something prior will have their comment deleted(because you really look like a moron)