Archive | December, 2010

Hurry up to wait…

Now that the two teams have been decided for the 2011 NCAA FCS National Championship Game, through the glorious playoff system, it seems like one question is still lingering.

Why did the Subdivision committee decide to hustle through the playoffs, only to have the title game three weeks after the semifinals are decided?

Should they have given all of the teams involved in the playoffs a week off before play commenced? Would there have been a different outcome with the games? Shoulda, woulda, coulda comes into play here it seems. But there are always going to be glitches with things, even with the Championship Subdivision we all love. One big one being the title game being played on the same day as the Cotton Bowl (with one of the biggest fan base teams playing in it).

This post of mine is just to start up chatter, but it’s not like there isn’t plenty of that already. Sometimes you just have to put your thoughts down and see where it goes.

And remember, even though I’m as big of an Ohio State fan you’ll find, there’s no BS in the FCS!